The microwire is an extra fine metal thread covered with special glass coating. The size of the wire is 25 mikron, which is 40 times thinner than millimeter.

In simplified form it looks as follows:
This is how the microwire looks like under the microscope. Next to it you can see the comparison with the human hair.
The microwire is tightly wound with the wind clearance of 1 mikron. Water passes through, pollutants don't. They stay in the special bowl, then are disposed when the drain cock below is opened.

Thanks to the glass coating of the microwire, the pollutants don't stick to the filtering element and are easily removed while flashing.

Below - photo of the Fibos filtering element under the microscope. If you look thoroughly, you can see the metal core and its glass coating. You can also see the clearance between the microwire winds which is 1 mikron.