Clean water in your homeWithout replacement cartridgesWithout additional costsForever

Innovational system Fibos

  • up to10 yearswithout cartridge replacement
  • Purification efficiency 1 micron
  • Clean waterfor your kitchen, bathroom and home appliances
  • Only25 minutesto install
  • Completelyautomaticsystem (optional)
  • Eliminates up to 99% of bacteria
Fibos top part
Fibos filter element
Fibos tube
  • 10 years without cartridge replacement
  • Purification efficiency - 1 micron
  • Clean water for your kitchen, bathroom and home appliances
  • Filter set-up takes only 25 minutes
  • Completely automatic system
  • Eliminates up to 99% of bacteria
Fibos filter

Unique technology

The patented filtration system Fibos will provide your home with clean water for long. Just take a look, how it works.
Raw water comes into the outer filter bowl
Water goes through the winding of microwire coated with glass. The gap between the coil windigs is just 1 micron. Learn more
Water passes through, the flush debris remains in the outer filter bowl
Eliminates bacteria. Learn more
Water is served to the faucets and home appliances.
The flush debris is automatically/manually removed from the outer filter bowl

Fibos in action

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We conducted a 4 month experiment. The average volume of water used in the household for 10 years was pumped through the filter under the high pressure. The results are overwhelming. Check it out yourself.

Cartridge filter

A new filter cleans water pretty good


Cleans water perfectly

Cartridge filter

With the course of time the filter accumulates the debris inside, thus the cleaning efficiency is getting worse


With the course of time the water stays clean, the debris doesn't accumulate

Cartridge filter

Finally the filter stops working at all


Water remains clean even after 10 years

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You save with each drop of water

Look how much you can save using Fibos filters


3 year cost

  • Better than nothing
  • Low filtration quality
  • Tedious maintenance
  • Low performance
  • High maintenance cost

3 year cost

  • Good filtration quality
  • Bacteria elimination
  • Low performance
  • You never know when to change the cartridge
  • Tiresome cartridge replacement
  • "Dead" water

3 year cost

  • High performance
  • Good filtration quality
  • Frequent and tiresome maintenance
  • High maintenance cost

The filter life is 10 years

  • Best filtration quality
  • High performance
  • Bacteria elimination
  • No maintenance cost
  • Small size and easy set-up
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Why do you need clean water


Clean and safe water right from the tap. You can drink it, make a meal, brew coffee or tea.


Taking a bath in clean water is pleasant and healthy. When you shower, water absorbs into your skin. The average human's pore diameter is 50 microns and they get larger under the hot water influence. Fibos cleans water up to 1 micron. Your skin will say thank you.

Home appliances

Clean water is critical for pipe lines, washing machines and dishwashers. Fibos protects pipes and appliances allowing them to operate longer and decreases the risk of brakage and costly repair.

Health and savings

You don't need to waste time looking for and buying cartridges, remembering the set-up date and checking how dirty the cartridge is. The pipe lines and attached components are protected from corrosion, dead lost-circulation zones and dysfunctions causing the exchange and repair of the pipes.

Choose your Fibos

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Where will you use your Fibos?

Choose the variant that suits you best

What system will you choose?

We offer two types of filters - with automatic and manual flush systems.

How will you describe your water supply?

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Featured filters

Fibos Premium

Water cleaning for your house or swimming pool

Fibos-Premium with auto drain system

Water cleaning for your apartment or cottage

Fibos-Premium with auto drain system and softening filter

The filter is set up on the apartment or house water inlet and purifies all incoming water. The filter connection diameter is 3/4", the kit includes adapters for 1/2". Fibos perfectly cleans water from mechanical impurities and bacteria. Thanks to this feature, the additional filter set up with Fibos only softens water which increases filter cartridge lifetime by 5-10 times.


Why Fibos filter works 10 years without replacement?

Unlike other filters, Fibos doesn't absorb and accumulate the debris in the filtering element, but leaves it in the outer filter bowl. Microwire, the main filer component, is coated with glass thus is not prone to rusting and corrosion. Besides, thanks to the low adhesion of the glass coating it is easily cleaned while flushing.

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Enjoy clean water without cartridges replacement and maintenance

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What is the microwire?

The microwire is an extra fine metal thread covered with special glass coating. The size of the wire is 25 mikron, which is 40 times thinner than millimeter.

In simplified form it looks as follows:


This is how the microwire looks like under the microscope. Next to it you can see the comparison with the human hair.

Microwire under the microscop

The microwire is tightly wound with the wind clearance of 1 mikron. Water passes through, pollutants don't. They stay in the special bowl, then are disposed when the drain cock below is opened.

Thanks to the glass coating of the microwire, the pollutants don't stick to the filtering element and are easily removed while flashing.

Below - photo of the Fibos filtering element under the microscope. If you look thoroughly, you can see the metal core and its glass coating. You can also see the clearance between the microwire winds which is 1 mikron.

Microwire under the microscope

The technology of microwire production was actively being developed in the USSR and nowadays its only mass production is located in Russia. The main spheres of application are military and space industries.

Fibos is the exclusive partner in the sphere of filters development and production (

How does it clean water from bacteria?

Bacteria don't stay in the water by themselves, they attach to the solids forming the biofilms. More than 99% of all microorganismsexist as the biofilms on the solids. Fibos completely blocks them. The filter also utilizes silver which has a well-known germ-kill effect.

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